The Farm

The Cigliuti farm, nestling in the rolling hills of Serraboella, near Neive, has always been a family-run winery. The nebbiolo and dolcetto vines are planted to the southwest, in the area most exposed to the sun’s rays, where the soil is all tufa and limestone. To the southeast, where the soil is silty and clayey, are the barbera grapes. Renato Cigliuti oversees his magnificent vineyards with his all-female family team, consisting of his wife Dina and his daughters Claudia and Silvia. They enjoy the best locations in Neive and, despite the steep slopes, the family still tends them with artisan methods, such as thinning, which helps the grapes to fully ripen. The harvest is carried out with great care and attention, the finest bunches of the grapes for wine for bottling being selected one by one.


Cement vats may have been replaced by steel ones, but the vinification and fermentation processes still follow the traditional method. Slavonian oak casks are used to age the finest wines.